Posted by: Fatherjack | 06/Jul/09


Well, not been here for a while. Crap times are everywhere I look, friends suffering in different ways that I cant really help or ease other than to feably say “Let me know if I can help.”. It seems to be such a flippant remark that I wonder if its worth saying. I mean it, whole-heartedly, but dont in all honesty expect to get the call that I am suggesting they make. I wish they would in some ways, if only to validate my offer! In other ways I hope they know it is meant without reservation and that they just dont actually need me. If that is true then that is good.

Hopefully things will improve in all aspects as the year progresses, we need to emjoy the month or two of summer that the calendar says we have left and then get ready for winter. Please dont be as wet last year. Cold I dont mind, wet gets on my nerves.

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